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每日新闻播报(January 24,2019)

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo reacts after missing a chance in Turin, Italy, Jan 21, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

>Ronaldo fined 19M euros C罗逃税案完结破财消灾 With a guilty plea and a huge fine, Cristiano Ronaldo finally put an end to his tax ordeal in Spain. Nearly four years after an investigation was opened, Ronaldo appeared at a court in Madrid on Tuesday to plead guilty to tax fraud and agree to a fine of nearly 19 million euros. The Juventus forward, who was facing charges stemming from his days at Real Madrid, spent about 45 minutes in court to sign the agreement. He was also given a two-year suspended sentence. Ronaldo will not have to serve time in prison because judges in Spain can suspend sentences for two years or less for first-time offenders. The investigation reportedly began in 2015, and two years later a state prosecutor accused Ronaldo of four counts of tax fraud from 2011-14 worth 14.7 million euros. Ronaldo was accused of having used shell companies outside Spain to hide income made from his image rights. C罗在西班牙承认偷逃税并缴纳巨额罚款,终于结束了他的税务噩梦。在接受了近4年的调查后,22日,C罗现身马德里一家法庭,他对偷逃税指控当庭认罪并同意缴纳近1900万欧元的罚款。这名尤文图斯队前锋此次面临的指控牵涉到他在皇家马德里队效力时的收入。C罗大约出庭45分钟,签署了和解协议,还被判两年缓刑。由于西班牙法官可对被判两年或以下刑期的初犯者给予缓刑,因此C罗将不会入狱。据报道,该案调查始于2015年。两年后,西班牙检方指控C罗,称他在2011-14年有过4次偷税漏税的行为,总金额达1470万欧元。检方指控C罗利用境外空壳公司隐藏了大笔肖像权收入。


>'10-Year Challenge' a hit '十年挑战'风靡社交媒体 If you use social media, you've probably noticed a number of people posting then-and-now profile pictures. It's a trend that's best known as the 10-Year Challenge. The craze involves people comparing pictures of themselves in 2009 to ones taken in 2019 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As with most social media challenges, it is a little unclear who or what started the movement. While some suggest it has something to do with Facebook's "Memories" feature that reminds you of long-forgotten photos, others suspect it is because 2009 was the year social media really took off. The viral movement proved popular among A-listers with everyone from Reese Witherspoon and Miley Cyrus to Tyra Banks and Jessica Biel taking part. 如果你使用社交媒体,可能已经注意到很多人在网上上传自己10年前和现在的照片。这就是人们所说的"10年挑战"风潮。人们在脸书、推特和Ins上对比自己2009年和今年的照片。跟社交媒体上兴起的大多数挑战一样,这项挑战的发起人和起因尚不清楚。有人认为这和脸书的"记忆"功能有关,该功能会提醒你查看已经被遗忘很久的照片。也有人怀疑"十年挑战"的兴起是因为2009年是社交媒体真正开始走红的元年。这项迅速风靡的挑战在大牌明星中也很受欢迎,瑞妮•威瑟斯彭、麦莉•塞勒斯、泰拉•班克斯、杰西卡•贝尔等人都参与其中。

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA, talks to to Christine Blasey Ford, testifying before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, US, Sept 27, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

>Harris to run for president '女版奥巴马'将参选总统 Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California launched her 2020 campaign for the White House on Monday. Harris, 54, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, enters the race with the potential advantage of being the Democratic candidate who looks most like the party's increasingly diverse base of young, female and minority voters. Harris' career is filled with an extraordinary amount of firsts. She was the first woman and the first person of color to be elected to both positions as district attorney in San Francisco and as attorney general of California. Often referred to as the "Female Barack Obama" by her followers, the former prosecutor is now seeking to become the first African-American woman to take on President Donald Trump. Her campaign will focus on reducing the high cost of living with a middle-class tax credit, pursuing immigration and criminal justice changes and a Medicare-for-all healthcare system. She has said she will reject corporate political action committee money. 加州民主党参议员卡玛拉•哈里斯21日启动了其2020年角逐白宫的竞选活动。现年54岁的哈里斯的父母是来自牙买加和印度的移民,她最贴近民主党以年轻人、女性和少数族裔的日益多元化的选民基础,因此参选总统具有潜在优势。哈里斯的职业生涯中满是"第一"。她是首位同时当选旧金山地方检察官和加州总检察官的女性和有色人种。哈里斯是名检察官,常被其追随者称为"女版奥巴马",目前她正寻求成为首位角力现任总统特朗普的非裔美国女性。哈里斯的竞选活动将聚焦在为中产阶级提供税额抵扣,以降低高昂生活成本,推动修改移民和刑事司法制度,以及建立全民医保制度上。她表示,将拒收企业政治行动委员会的献金。

A 99 cent store stands on Dec 11, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. As the income gap between rich and poor continues to grow, dollar and 99 cent stores have become increasingly popular. [Photo/VCG]

>26 richest own half wealth 最富26人顶38亿人财富 Last year just 26 of the richest people owned the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion people in the world. This figure is down from 43 the year before, according to a new report from anti-poverty nonprofit organization Oxfam. The report found the wealth of billionaires has increased by $900 billion in the last year, or $2.5 billion a day. This bonanza has not been felt by the poorest half of the world, which saw its wealth decline by 11%. A global wealth tax has been called for by the French economist Thomas Piketty, who has said action is needed to arrest the trend in inequality. Oxfam said the widening gap was hindering the fight against poverty, adding a wealth tax on the 1% would raise an estimated $418 billion a year - enough to educate every child not in school and provide healthcare that would prevent 3 million deaths. 扶贫非营利组织乐施会的一份最新报告显示,去年全球仅26位最富有富豪所拥有的财富就相当于最贫穷38亿人的财富总和,人数较2017年的43人有所下降。报告发现,去年亿万富翁们的财富增加了9000亿美元,相当于每天增加25亿美元。世界上最贫困的一半人口却没有这么好的运气,其财富缩水了11%。法国经济学家托马斯•皮凯蒂呼吁在全球征收财富税,表示人们需要采取行动遏制不平等的趋势。乐施会称,不断加大的贫富差距阻碍了脱贫,据估计,通过对1%的最富有人群征收财富税每年可获得4180亿美元的资金。这笔钱足够让每个失学儿童受到教育,提供的医疗能够挽救300万人的生命。


原文 : 每日新闻播报(January 24)

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