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每日新闻播报(January 22,2019)

A model of Peppa Pig was part of the video What Is Peppa?, a teaser for an upcoming movie. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY

>Peppa Pig air-blower a hit 佩奇鼓风机或涉嫌侵权 Unauthorized online sellers of air-blowers imitating the one in the movie trailer "What is Peppa?" may face legal action for copyright infringement. The trailer advertises the upcoming animated film "Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year", which is set to hit the country's screens on Feb 5, the first day of the Chinese New Year and Chinese zodiac's Year of the Pig. The teaser has garnered huge attention on China's social media platforms. It revolves around the question "What is Peppa?" and tells a touching story that highlights Chinese families. Along with the success of the trailer, the blower, which represents the main character in the teaser, has also become popular. Some online sellers are manufacturing similar blowers and selling them at a price that is three times the normal cost or even higher. According to Promotional Partners Worldwide, an authorized agent in the Chinese market for Peppa Pig, the creation of the blower was made by the director of the trailer. Copying the creation and making profits may involve copyright infringement. 未经授权售卖电影预告片《啥是佩奇》同款鼓风机的网络卖家或因侵犯版权面临诉讼。《啥是佩奇》是为农历猪年大年初一(2月5号)即将上映的动画电影《小猪佩奇过大年》推出的宣传预告片,在国内社交媒体平台上获得了巨大关注。该预告片围绕"啥是佩奇"讲述了一个关于中国式亲情的感人故事。预告片的成功带火了片中状似主角小猪佩奇的鼓风机。一些网络卖家制作类似"鼓风机佩奇"的产品,然后以3倍甚至更高价格售卖。小猪佩奇在华授权代理商香港山成集团表示,"鼓风机佩奇"是预告片导演的创意,商家仿制该创意并以此盈利或涉嫌盗版侵权。

A boy has a bite at a Burger King restaurant in Shanghai. [Provided to China Daily]

>Smelling scents curbs cravings 闻气味可抵御食物诱惑 Looking for a way to satisfy those high-calorie meal cravings? A new study finds sniffing a burger or a pizza for two minutes can stop cravings for junk food. The study says the scent of food itself can directly satisfy your cravings because the brain doesn't realize the difference in the source of sensory pleasure. "Ambient scent can be a powerful tool to resist cravings for indulgent foods," said Dipayan Biswas, a marketing professor at the University of South Florida College of Business. "In fact, subtle sensory stimuli like scents can be more effective in influencing children's and adult's food choices." 你是否在寻找一种能够满足自己对高热量餐食渴求的方法?一项新研究发现,对汉堡或披萨闻上两分钟即可消除人们对垃圾食品的渴求。研究指出,食物本身的气味能够直接满足人的需求,因为大脑无法区分感官愉悦的来源。南佛罗里达大学商学院营销学教授迪帕扬•比斯瓦斯表示,周遭气味可成为抵御人们渴望纵情大吃的强有力的工具。事实上,气味等轻微感官刺激在影响儿童和成年人食物选择方面会更加有效。

[Photo/Sara Weber's Twitter]

>Train-delay scarf sold 德铁'晚点围巾'拍出高价 A scarf knitted by a German woman to document her frustrations with frequent train delays has sold for 7,550 euros on eBay, as the country's biggest railway company announces plans for a punctuality tsar. The "rail delay scarf" came to prominence when Sara Weber, a journalist, posted a photo of it on Twitter earlier this month. Her mother, a commuter in the Munich area, knitted two lines a day in 2018 to represent how long she was delayed, she explained. The scarf is color-coded: gray wool meant her delay had been less than five minutes, pink signified delays of between five and 30 minutes, while red meant she was delayed for more than 30 minutes or had been delayed both ways. The scarf, approximately 1.5 meters long, represented many Germans' frustrations with train delays, despite their country's reputation for efficiency and punctuality. After it went viral on social media, Weber and her mother decided to auction the scarf off for charity. 德国一位女士把火车频繁晚点的情况全部织到了一条围巾上面,以表达她的不满。日前,这条围巾在eBay网站上拍出了7550欧元(约合5.81万元人民币)的高价。同时,德国最大的铁路公司宣布将任命一位"准点专员"。这位德国阿姨的女儿萨拉•韦伯是一名记者,韦伯本月初将"火车晚点围巾"的图片发在推特上,得到了极大反响。她解释说,母亲生活在慕尼黑地区,乘坐火车上下班,2018年,她每天都会织上两行,以描绘当天火车晚点的情况。围巾的不同颜色代表晚点情况:灰色毛线代表火车晚点少于5分钟;粉线代表火车晚点5-30分钟;红线则表示火车晚点超过30分钟或上下班都遭遇火车晚点的情况。这条围巾大约1.5米长,体现很多德国人对火车晚点不满的情绪,尽管德国在海外以高效和准时著称。这条围巾在社交媒体走红后,韦伯和母亲决定将其拍卖,将拍卖所得捐给慈善机构。

Passengers wait to board their trains at Beijing West Railway Station in Beijing on Jan 21, 2019. The 2019 Spring Festival travel rush starts on Jan 21. [Photo/Asianewsphoto]

>China gears up for travel rush 2019春运大幕正式开启 China's transport authorities are busy getting ready for the Spring Festival travel rush starting Monday, with 3 billion trips expected to be made this year. From Jan 21 to March 1, the total number of trips is expected to rise 0.6% compared with the travel rush last year, with an 8.3% increase in railway trips and a 12% hike in air trips. To deal with the air traffic pressure, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has planned to expand domestic flights in 10 large airports including Shanghai Pudong, according to Dong Zhiyi, deputy head of the CAAC. At the same time, the aviation authority plans to schedule 532,000 flights during the travel rush, an increase of 10% year-on-year. To enhance railway transportation capability, a total of 4,787 and 4,860 two-way train services will be scheduled daily before and after the festival respectively, up 5.4% and 5.2% compared with the same period last year, according to Lian Weiliang, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission. 近日,中国运输部门正忙于为21日开启的春运做准备,预计今年全国旅客发送量将达30亿人次。1月21日至3月1日期间,预计全国旅客总发送量将较去年春运增长0.6%,其中铁路和航空客运量将分别上涨8.3%和12%。中国民航局副局长董志毅表示,为解决航空运送压力,民航总局计划在上海浦东国际机场等10个大型机场扩充国内航班运力。与此同时,民航总局计划在春运期间安排航班53.2万班次,同比增长10%。据发展改革委副主任连维良介绍,为提高铁路运力,春节节前和节后将分别安排每天总共提供双向列车服务4787对和4860对,客座能力比去年春运增长5.4%和5.2%。


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