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每日新闻播报(February 1,2019)

Authentic Canada Goose brand parkas in a store in New York on Friday, December 18, 2015.[Photo/IC]

>Coats targeted in robberies 寒冷芝加哥频现抢'鹅'案 Chicago has recently seen a rise in robberies targeting expensive Canada Goose coats as winter storms blanketed the US Midwest city. The robbers really want the status coats - they're using guns to get them, according to CBS. An average Canada Goose parka can cost about $1,000. "At least six times in just eight days, offenders have confronted victims and forced them to turn over their jackets. In each case, the victims were robbed at gunpoint," local police said. Canada Goose coats are marketed as lightweight coats with heavyweight warmth, and they have become a must-have item for celebrities and fashionistas. 美国中西部城市芝加哥近日遭遇冬季风暴,针对昂贵的加拿大鹅外套的抢劫案增加。据哥伦比亚广播公司报道,劫匪们是真想要这些名牌外套,为此不惜持枪抢劫。加拿大鹅一件大衣的平均售价在1000美元左右。当地警方说:"在短短8天里,至少发生了6起劫案。罪犯面对受害者,迫使他们交出自己的外套。每起案件里受害者均遭到持枪抢劫。"加拿大鹅外套以轻盈保暖著称,是各路名人和时尚达人的衣橱必备品。

Gangtok is the capital of the mountainous northern Indian state of Sikkim. [Photo/IC]

>Basic income experiment 印度锡金试行普遍收入 High in the Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the tiniest states in India. But it is about to embark on an experiment of global interest. Sikkim's ruling party has announced an ambitious plan to implement a universal basic income for every one of its 610,577 citizens. A universal basic income is a regular, guaranteed income paid by the government, universally and unconditionally, to all citizens. It is a cash payment that aims to replace the often confusing array of assistance that states offer to citizens and place spending decisions in the hands of recipients. The tourism and power sectors will be tapped to raise the resources. If successful, the scheme would represent the largest trial run anywhere in the world. 位于喜马拉雅山坡上的锡金是印度最小的邦之一,但这里即将进行一项全球瞩目的试验。锡金的执政党宣布了一项雄心勃勃的计划:为其610577名公民提供普遍基本收入。普遍基本收入是政府无条件向所有公民定期发放的收入,用现金偿付,旨在取代政府向公民提供的复杂的援助系统,将支出的决定权交给受助人。锡金将利用旅游业与电力部门来筹集资金。如果计划成功实施,那么这将是迄今为止世界范围内最大规模的试点。


>Tissues to get you sick 美企卖'病原纸巾'引争议 A company based in Los Angeles, the US, said it is offering used tissues to "train your immune system" to fight off illness. Vaev says its unusual offering allows users to catch a cold on their "own terms", therefore decreases the risk of catching that same strain of cold virus at a later date. Each tissue has been sneezed on by one of 10 sneezers the company recruited, and sell for a whopping $79.9 per box. However, specialists said that there is nothing positive that can come from this, only things that are adverse. There are more than 200 types of virus that cause what we call the common cold, and they're all constantly evolving - that's why there has never been an effective vaccine, according to Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona. "You're going to have to shove about 200 tissues up your nose each time to get a different one," Gerba added. 美国洛杉矶初创公司Vaev表示,正推出二手纸巾来"训练免疫系统",从而战胜疾病。Vaev称,他们的纸巾不同凡响,能让人们随心所欲地感冒,从而降低以后被同一种感冒病毒侵袭的风险。每张纸巾都被公司雇佣的10个打喷嚏的人冲上面打过喷嚏,每盒售价高达79.9美元。但专家表示,这种纸巾只有坏处,没有好处。亚利桑那大学微生物学教授查尔斯•格巴称,有超过200种病毒会引起我们所说的普通感冒,而且它们全都在不断变异,这就是永远没有一款有效疫苗的原因。他还说:"为感染一种不同的病毒,你每次需要使用约200张纸巾才行。"

An Apple company logo is seen behind tree branches outside an Apple store in Beijing, December 14, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

>Apple sales in China drop 苹果中国区销售额跳水 Apple sales in China dropped 27% in the final quarter of 2018, with CEO Tim Cook admitting that higher iPhone prices are a "factor" in the decline. The US tech giant said it brought in $13.2 billion in China in the holiday quarter, down from nearly $18 billion during the same period in 2017. Apple registered shrinking sales revenue in China across all of its leading products, iPhones, Macs, and iPads, along with reduced footfall in its stores. Cook explained that foreign exchange issues have amplified price differences in international markets, in particular emerging markets, which tend to move more significantly versus the dollar. He said that Apple is emphasizing trade-ins and installment payments to revitalize iPhone sales. Earlier this month, Apple dropped the price of the iPhone XR and other iPhones for its channel partners in China, allowing third-party vendors to purchase cheaper iPhones and pass those savings to customers. 2018年第四季度,苹果在华销量骤降27%,苹果首席执行官蒂姆•库克承认,iPhone的定价较高是导致销量下滑的因素之一。这家美国科技巨头表示,去年第四季度,苹果在华销售额为132亿美元,较2017年同期的近180亿美元销售额有所下降。包括iPhone、Mac、iPad在内的苹果所有主要产品在华销售额均出现萎缩,门店客流量减少。库克解释说,汇率问题放大了苹果在国际市场,尤其是新兴市场上的价差,美元走强导致产品在全球变得更贵。库克表示,苹果正在关注以旧换新和分期付款,以重振iPhone的销售。本月初,苹果下调了iPhone XR等多款iPhone在中国的渠道价,使第三方供应商可以更便宜的价格购进iPhone,从而使消费者最终得到实惠。


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